about this blog and me…

I eat. I drink. I sleep. Somewhere in between, I play. And “try” to stay out of trouble. Heavy emphasis on try…

Along the way, I’ve taken some pictures too. Some of those are things I ate or drank. Others are things that I like. But never of me asleep. That would be weird.

Two topics will definitely pop up more than most: food and pop culture. Both are a big part of who I am and are probably the only two things I really know anything about. And just like my tagline says, there’ll be a lot of random crap thrown in for good measure.

And now on to our regularly scheduled program…


  1. When I was in UP, ages and ages ago, I had a journal — kind of like a blog. Guess what I called it. Random Thoughts.

  2. It does scare me how much random stuff are cluttering my head. Important things like names, dates, and passwords all but disappeared.

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