great balls of summer…

I woke up this morning and saw snow on the ground. Weather reports indicate that we’ll be seeing more of the white stuff in the next day or so.

It’s hard to imagine that just two days ago, it was sunny and warm. Well, warm for us here in the Pacific Northwest. I had almost put away my thick coats and have been using lightweight jackets instead. Even in the evenings, it’s been relatively frost-free.

So for dinner tonight, I wanted something to make me forget of the snow and hopefully transport me into the near future when I can feel a bead of sweat forming around my temples.

I combined two of my summer favorites, prosciutto and melon, and Caprese salad. I had some fresh bocconcini so I ended up making melon balls and used grape tomatoes to make a fun starter for dinner. Bocconcini is a small, round semi-soft cheese similar to mozarella. Fresh-cracked pepper and Meyer lemon juice tied everything together.

I can almost feel sand between my toes…

Prosciutto with Melon and Caprese


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