truly eggceptional…

Since the first of this year, I have logged thousands of miles.  On the road and in the air, I covered many distances.

Although I enjoy this part of my job, I miss the many comforts I can only appreicate when I am home. One of these is cooking.

These past few weeks were so hectic that I hardly had time to prepare my own meal. Always on the go, restaurant food had  unfortunately become my standard fare. Today, was rare treat: I made myself breakfast.

My typical breakfast often consist of a protein shake and a fruit, usually a banana. This morning, I wanted something special, something just for me. I didn’t want to do anything elaborate or time-consuming. What I really wanted were eggs.

Most of the time, I would make scrambled eggs. And today, I definitely wanted them. I prefer my scramble a little bit wet or runny, creamy, buttery, and fluffy. I add some cream to achieve the creaminess and whip them to a frenzy. To get the runny consistency, I let the eggs finish cooking off the heat when they are halfway done. The residual heat from the pan continues the cooking process without overcooking them. A couple pats of butter are added while they are still warm finishes it off quite nicely.

I normally would just serve this on a plate and with buttered sourdough toast. But since today was my day, I decided to got a little fancy: I placed the eggs back in their shells (washed, of course) and on my favorite egg cups. Topped with chives, I felt special indeed.

Scrambled Eggs with Chives


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