all work and no fondue makes me a dull boy…

I have been a very good boy lately: ate all my vegetables, washed behind my ears, did all my chores, took out the garbage, said my “thanks” and “pleases”…

My reward tonite was fondue for dinner. Yes, that clichéd, 70’s throwback has become popular once again these past few years. So popular that even I own a couple of fondue sets and include The Melting Pot (a restaurant specialing in, what else, fondue) as one of my favorite restaurants.

Except tonight’s fondue was not the savory kind, but the chocolate one instead. I chose this for my dinner because it was quick and easy to prepare, and I pretty much had the dippers I needed on hand. These included fresh strawberries, segmented oranges, bananas, brownies, and pretzels—the only thing I was missing were pineapples and marshmallows.

Like I said, this was simple to make: heavy cream and bittersweet chocolate. Basically, it’s a ganache that’s kept melted and warm. Bittersweet works much better than semi-sweet or milk chocolate because it adds depth and complexity the others lack. I spiked this concoction with some Frangelico, a liqueur made from hazelnuts.

I’m gonna have to run an extra mile tomorrow to make up for this. The only saving grace I had that made this somewhat nutrionally sound were the fruity additions. Either way, it was well worth the calories!

Chocolate and Hazelnut Fondue


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