spill the beans…

One of my favorite taste combinations are lemon and garlic. And what better way to enjoy them is with green beans.

This side dish is quick, easy, and not shy at the very least. The strong, earth garlic is tempered by the tartly sweet flavor of the lemon.

Just like my spinach with sesame and soy, the beans are blanched to preserve the color and texture. When available, I like to use haricot verts because they are longer and thinner than the regular garden variety. Either one works well here.

Minced garlic is sautéed in olive oil until softened, but not brown—otherwise, it will be slightly bitter. The drained beans are tossed lightly until heated through and then seasoned with fresh-cracked black pepper. Off heat, lemon juice (preferably Meyers) is added to brighten things up.

Finally, a couple pinches of fleur de sel are sprinkled on top finishes this dish very nicely…

Green Beans with Meyer Lemon and Garlic


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