strong to the finich, ’cause i eats me spinach…

Continuing on with my temporary self-imposed red-meat ban, I am getting back to basics.

Basics as in simple. Nothing fussy, nothing complicated, nothing over-the-top, nothing but flavor.

This side dish is one of my favorite ways to serve spinach. The spinach is first blanched in boiling water then as soon as it wilts, is drained and submerged in an ice bath. This does two things: it stops the cooking process, which preserves the texture and the deep green color.

After gently squeezing excess water out of the spinach, I add sesame oil and a little bit of soy sauce.  With the help of a mould, I shaped the spinach into a small tube. Toasted sesame seeds are sprinkled on top to give the dish a nice crunch.

Blanched Spinach with Sesame and Soy


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