“a” for effort…

I was going through my camera and found some photos that I had forgotten about. Some because of my old age, while others were forgettable.

These two are of Linus Owen, my kitty. He and his sister, Lucy Abigail, came to me when they were barely 6 weeks old. Their momma stopped caring for them and never really trained them. This later became more evident when I discovered they both lacked basic kitty skills.

As I never saw his other littermates, I assumed he was the runt. Lucy, even at a young age, was coordinated and quite independent. On the other hand, Linus had trouble walking and cried a lot. He was also much tinier and fragile than Lucy. I decided she was the older sister and he was the baby.

While she was off investigating their new home, Linus would just follow her. Sometimes, he would follow older brother Rocky while keeping a safe distance.  He never did nor would he try anything on his own. He mimicked everyone’s moves and only went when he felt it safe. If Lucy went under the table, he’d follow. When Rocky hopped on to the chair, he’s there. In short, he was literally a copy cat.

These photos I found were serendipitous indeed. Now in his ninth month, Linus has transformed from a tiny bundle of fur into a furball of insanely spasmodic energy. He is a climber and loves heights. Just the other day I was thinking how quickly he’s grown and developed. I used to fear he would never learn to eat solid food nor would he learn to use his litter box. I am grateful he has since mastered both!

As you can see from this photo, you can understand my concern:First attempt at solid food...

After a week, he’s almost gotten the hang of it:

A little better...


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