this is how i roll…

After a couple of weeks of having mostly red meat, I finally got my fill.

I spent nearly four hours driving throughout the day and didn’t really feel like going somewhere for dinner. Having takeout was not a viable option since I really wanted something homemade. But then I didn’t want to spend any more time in the kitchen that I should. Yet, I was very hungry. I had painted myself in the proverbial corner and must decide what to do.

My solution: sushi. It’s quick, healthy, tasty, and most importantly, it would only take me a few minutes. I stopped by my favorite fishmonger, which was on my way home, and picked up some sushi grade salmon. He also had ahi tuna and yellow tail, but chose to simplify things by not going overboard with too many ingredients.

As soon as I got home, I made a fresh pot of steamed rice. I spent the thirty minutes cooking time wisely by showering and relaxing. Having the knowledge that I will be having an awesome meal soon made me and my tummy happy.

After letting the cooked rice cool down, I began my preparations. I ended up making two kinds: nigiri (hand-formed) and hosomaki (small rolled) sushi. The nigiri was simple—just seasoned rice with a slice of salmon. A little handy work was all I needed to roll the spicy salmon roll.  Shoyu (soy sauce), wasabi (Japanese horseradish), and gari (pickled ginger) completed my little feast.

The result, as you can see for yourself, was quite tasty…

Sake (Salmon) NigiriSpicy Salmon Roll


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