nice to meat you…

I am a carnivore. And damn proud of it. Although my posts may not truly reflect that, I’m a certified, honest-to-goodness meat-eater.

Often I go weeks without having red meat. Like a call of the wild, I will get this sudden yearning for a bloodied piece of steak. And when I fully give in to this primeval craving within, I feel completely satiated and reborn.

It was only three weeks ago, during my company holiday party, that had I enjoyed a really great fillet. Cooked rare—which to me means blue or cold in the middle and slightly seared in the outside, it was buttery and perfect. Ten days later, I followed this with a roast beef dinner I made at home.

And now, less than a week since my last indulgence, I once again must satisfy this compelling hunger.

Upon making this not-so-difficult decision, I suddenly felt a rush of guilt envelop me. In my mind, I played devil’s advocate with myself: Do you really need to have steak tonight? Shouldn’t you have something green—like a salad instead? Do yo have the energy to go to the store AND prepare a meal from scratch when you have perfectly good leftovers at home?

Yes, yes, and yes.

To shut up the goody-two-shoes in my head, I developed a compromise: steak salad. Now, I can have my meat AND eat it too.

At home, my favorite cut of steak is the New York strip. Also known as Delmonico, strip, top loin, or Kansas City steak, this cut is particularly tender and flavorful. Minimally seasoned with just sea salt and fresh-cracked peppercorns, I pan-seared it on a very hot skillet for about a minute on each side. It is important that your pan is smoking hot before you put the steak on, otherwise it will steam instead. There’s nothing worse than a gray steak. Well, maybe a well-done steak! Once crusty and done, I let it rest and cool down as I prepared the greens.

For the salad part, I used some baby spinach and red butter lettuce left over from dinner the other night. I wanted a little Asian influence and have a spicy kick to my dressing, so I made an orange and sweet chili vinaigrette.

After the steak had a chance to redistribute its juices and cooled completely, I sliced them thinly and stacked them on top of my salad. As you can see, the steak is perfectly red in the middle. THAT is how steak is cooked!

Seared Steak with Orange and Sweet Chili Salad


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