you gotta roll with it…

Now that the holidays are behind me, I can start focusing on the important stuff: relaxing.

With all the get-togethers, celebrations, and rushed enagements, I barely had time to enjoy the season. And now is my time. Oddly enough, cooking helps me unwind.

For New Year’s, I made a roast beef dinner complete with Yorkshire pudding, gravy, and poached pears for dessert. As always, I had plenty of leftovers.

With so many dishes to make from the leftover roast, I wanted to make something light and quick. I checked my vegetable stash and found a zucchini and carrots. I ended up with thinly sliced beef and a slaw of zukes, carrots, and shallots.The result: rolled beef with horseradish slaw, held together with a chive “string.”

Roast Beef Roll with Horseradish Slaw


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