that’s the way the cookies crumbled…

It was my work’s annual cookie exchange last week and as with all things me, my cookies were a little over the top. Well, not TOO much…

I often will bake fun, unique cookies that are not just great to eat, but great to give as well. This year, I made my chocolate candy cane cookies. Full of whimsy and tasted yummy, they were a hit.

When asked what I would bring beforehand, I told every one of my plan which included the need to make things “simpler.” All scoffed at the idea and said my cookie of choice sounded complicated and time consuming.

At first glance, you would agree with their assessment. But let me tell you, it just looks it! Really.

The cookie follows a simple, sugar cookie recipe with unsweetened cocoa added. Once mixed, a small ball is formed and then rolled into a 4″ rope—kinda like making snakes with Play-Doh. The rope is then shaped into a candy cane by bending one end down. After baking and cooling, melted white chocolate is drizzled over the top to make the candy cane stripes. Then immediately, crushed peppermint candy canes are sprinkled on top. Once the chocolate is set, the candy stays in place and the cookies are ready.

Normally, I prefer chewy cookies and bake them that way. Since I was going to place these cookies upright in a plastic cup, they needed to be structurally sound so I  left them in the oven for an extra two minutes to firm up.

There were ten of us that participated in the exchange, so we each baked 5 dozen cookies and each person took home 1/2 dozen. At the end, we all left with many tasty cookies!

Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies



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