still pretty crabby…

After having hot steaming Dungeness crabs and succulent crab cakes for the past couple of days, you would think I would have had my fill of crab for a while. Not me.

My good friend Matt had given me some crabs he caught off Puget Sound. Being the frugal cook that I am, I was able to make several dishes from the six I was fortunate enough to receive.

A very easy way to enjoy leftover crab meat is to make a salad. I’m not talking about the kind that you would mostly find in sandwich shops or lunch counters. That’s called “Krab” salad and it’s spelled with a “K” for one reason: it’s faKe crab.

Unlike the krab salad which is made from formed fish, my crab salad is 100% crab. And it’s pretty simple to make: freshly made mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, chopped basil, minced celery, and grated sweet onions. Grating the onions instead of chopping them is milder in flavor since most of the “onion juice” gets released in the process. Mix ’em all up and season with salt and pepper.

The salad is great as a sandwich or  topped on a crostini. A favorite way of serving is spooned over Belgian endive spears. Belgian endives have a slightly bitter and peppery taste which goes perfectly well with the mild and sweet crab meat. Simple and elegant…

Crab Salad and Belgian Endive


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