it’s what’s for dinner…

Coming back to work after a long holiday weekend is never fun.

I spent a good part of the morning listening and returning voicemails, and reading and replying to emails. At around ten, I attended a sales meeting to go over plans for finishing up the year strong.  Following the pow-wow, I took care of issues that seemingly cropped up during the one hour I was unavailable. After putting out the proverbial fires, I cleared out my office so the painters can recolor the walls with ease.

By two, I was drained and famished. And quite irritable. The day was more than half over and I have yet to feed myself. Knowing I would ruin my dinner by eating this late, I decided to have sushi for lunch.

The idea was to eat something light to satisfy my hunger, yet not overeat as to fill up for the day. In theory, this seemed like a very easy task to accomplish. However, in practice, it proved quite a challenge. I had my usual: unagi, sake, hamachi, otoro, uni, and maguro. With so many of my favorites in front of me and the stack of empty pIates left in their wake, I failed miserably.

I finished the day fully content and headed for the gym to work off my lunch. Even after my workout, I was still quite full.

Accepting defeat, I made a very conscious choice of bypassing dinner altogether and head straight to dessert. And there was just one thing I was craving: an ice cream sandwich.

I have logs of frozen cookie dough stored in my freezer for occassions such as this. At any given time, I can readily bake a batch of either snickerdoodles or chocolate chip cookies. Or both. Tonight, I was feeling chocolate. So in just 15 minutes, I had warm, gooey, chewey cookies in hand.

While the cookies baked, I placed scoopfuls of vanilla ice cream in ring molds to shape them for the sandwich. Once cooled, I pressed two cookies together to the ice cream and my sammich was ready.

After one of these bad boys, my long day had become nothing but a distant memory.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ice Cream Sammich


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