mmm, toasty…

The first time I had a tostada was at Taco Bell almost thirty years ago. Though not quite authentic, it was pretty tasty.

Back then, I remember the menu boards at the every Taco Bell had a phonetic pronunciation next to each item. I guess they figured most Californians would be unable to pronounce the “tos-tah-dah.” Duh…

“Tostada” is Spanish for toasted. Basically, it’s a tortilla that’s deep fried and served liked a taco—a flat, open-faced taco. In a Mexican kitchen, the tostada was a frugal use of stale, leftover tortillas.

I have since had many a tostada–a far cry from the very first one I tasted. Probably the best I’ve had was one topped with a seviche of squid and shrimp in Ixtapa many years ago. The entire thing was served with salsa fresca and fresh avocado slices.

For my version, I am using leftover turkey sauteéd with chipotlé. Small tortilla rounds are deep fried and then stacked, like a lasagna. Each layer has the turkey mixture, cheese, and guacamole. I top it with freshly-made roasted tomato salsa and sour cream. For added kick, I made a chipotle cream sauce.

Just like my turkey crostini, this beats a plain turkey sandwich any day!

Turkey Chipotle Tostada Stack


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