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Another weekend and another holiday party…

Since I kinda know my way around the kitchen, I am often asked to bring a side dish or appetizer. I’m almost always eager to come up with something that would “wow” the whole crowd. The event would normally dictate what I make or sometimes it’s whoever will be in attendance.

Regardless of the situation, I go out of my way to make something not just pleasing to the palate, but  visually appealing as well.

This weekend’s party was the exception to that rule.

The past couple of weeks were most hectic, both at work and at home. I spent plenty of time on the road last week and even working late into the evening. It all finally caught up with me when I my body decided it had enough. By Wednesday, I had caught the cold.

Not that a bug like the cold would necessarily slow me down. Even with the heavy congestion and severe muscle aches, I still managed to work the full week, including a sales training at 7 am on Saturday.

After driving 5 hours on Saturday, I came home and crashed. Heavily medicated since Thursday, I was still feeling cruddy. I got up late and took a very hot bath. That might have done the trick because by the time I woke on Sunday, I felt a little better. Or maybe it was all the drugs…

But not well enough to be preparing some gourmet appetizer I had originally planned to take to the party later in the day.  I couldn’t possibly spend all day in the kitchen in my weakened state and still come up with something tasty.

I almost gave up on going to the party, but decided a couple of hours before to brave it and make a cameo appearance. Looking in my refrigerator for some inspiration, I found I had plenty of shredded cheese and mayonnaise.

With very little time to prepare, I ended up making my savory sweet onion spread. The food processor made quick work of dicing the sweet onions, which I folded in to a cheese and mayo mixture. Paprika was sprinkled on top for color.

The whole thing was baked in the oven at 350°F for 30 minutes. Even with my stuffy nose, I could smell the onions and cheese. A final stop at the grocery for a baguette was all I had left to do.

Everyone at the party loved it. Although I had wanted to bring something more fancier, they were most pleased.  Of course I didn’t tell them how easy it was to make. I regaled them with stories of blood, sweat, and teary onion eyes.

They didn’t quite buy it….

Savory Sweet Onion Spread


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