stuff it…

The holidays are upon us and one thing’s for certain: parties. And sheer chaos.

I attended the first of many events to come sprinkled throughout the season. This one was a gathering of my friends who, like me, wanted to have a no-hassle and no-stress pre-Thanksgiving get-together. Since everyone has family obligations and other commitments between now and the end of the year,  we usually do it a week or two before the party season start. This very low-key event was held at my friend’s home in Bellevue and was attended by over a dozen folks—some old friends, others were new acquaintances.

Each brought an appetizer and a bottle of wine, and all chipped in to buy an already roasted turkey. By sharing the duties amongst ourselves, this ensured no one would be stuck in the kitchen and everyone would be able to enjoy the evening.

My contribution this year was stuffing-stuffed mushrooms. This is a good way to use up leftover stuffing and was pretty simple to make.

Since I didn’t have any leftover stuffing, I made one from scratch. First I baked some cornbread, cut them into cubes, and crisped them in the oven. I sauteéd a mirepoix (onions, celery, and carrots) and added sausage and bacon.

Crimini mushrooms were destemed and softened in butter. The stems were chopped and thrown in to the mixture, and after cooling, stuffed into the mushrooms. The stuffed mushrooms were baked in the oven for about ten minutes until the stuffing browned.

Not only did they come out pretty, they were tasty too. I made four dozen pieces and they were all gone. I think Heather and Jason ate most of them…Stuffing-Stuffed 'shrooms


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