souper trooper…

Yes, I made more soup.

This time around, it’s curried cream of corn. It’s pretty much a creamy corn soup with a hint of curry.

When I make fall/winter-type soups, I often will add a little (or a lot, depending on what kind) of curry powder to the soup to give it a stronger, richer flavor. Curry powder is actually a mixture of several spices and may contain cardamom, cumin, fenugreek, pepper, and coriander. Western curry powder gets it’s bright yellow-gold hue from the addition of turmeric.

With an electric coffee grinder and your choice of spices, you can easily make your own blend at home. To get a more fragrant, fresher mixture, lightly toast the whole spices before grinding them. Aside from soups, I like adding curry powder to dishes such as chicken or shrimp salad, chicken divan, or even pasta salads.

As you probably would expect, I have my own personal custom blend. Ground spices are best used immediately and will lose their intensity with time. I combine all the spices in an airtight container and toast/grind them as needed. This way, the spices can last up to several months.

The curried cream of corn soup I made is a breeze to make. I prefer this type of soup to be super smooth and not at all chunky. You can easily use a food processor or an immersion blender to pureé the soup, but sometimes the corn kernels aren’t completely broken down and the soup ends up pulpy. I prefer to use a food mill to get that silky-smooth consistency.

Here’s the end result:


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