has beans…

Last weekend, I had two very special guests—Cody and Jackson. The 8-year old twin boys were named after Wyoming cities by their parents, who happened to be my very goofy friends.

Jeff and Denise had asked for me to look after the twins while they attended a wedding down in Portland. I have known the boys all their lives and they affectionately call me “Uncle Handsome.” How can I say “no” to these really smart kids?

They love coming over to visit because I let them play with my toys. Both like to remind me that they know of no one else that has more toys than me, which is probably true.

Besides rubber ducks, I collect many other things and among them are action figures. Most of them are still in their original packaging, while some are on display in my home office.

Raised by wonderful parents, the boys take good care of them and are good about putting them back exactly where they were.

One of the high points of their visit is “movie time”. They get to eat fun stuff AND watch any DVD they want. I lay out a blanket on the floor and we have ourselves a little picnic. The twins get a kick because they normally don’t get to eat in front of the TV, so to them it’s a big deal.

I got to hang out with them this summer when we all went camping. On one of the nights. I made some beanie-weenies for dinner and they both loved it! So when they found out I would be their sitter, they requested the beanie-weenies.

The B-W’s were also a childhood favorite of mine. I remember the camping trips in Mendocino, CA and BBQ-baked beans was a staple. We’d roast weiners and slice them in to the pot. Mmmm…

Cody, Jackson, and I sat on the blanketed living room floor while we watched Iron Man_and enjoyed our beanie-weenies and garlic bread. I served the beans in the same tin cups I brought camping and the boys thought it was way cool. They both loved it so much they even had seconds! Or maybe they just like saying “more beanie-weanies pleeeeeeease!” There were plenty leftovers so I gave it to them to take home.

Before their parents pick them up, Jackson was already making plans for their next visit. He requested the dessert pizza and lemon s’mores I made from our last camping trip. Cody agreed wholeheartedly.

I can’t wait either…


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