Another sure sign that fall definitely has arrived is me baking.

During the warmer months, I typicall don’t do much baking. Plus the fact that I don’t follow recipes well (I’m a pinch-of-this, a pinch-of-that kinda guy), baking isn’t something I do often.

A very wise person once told me there are two kinds of people in the world: a baker and a cook. Bakers tend to follow recipes just as they are written, use exact measurements, and are early risers. I fall in to the “cook” category—I don’t have recipes, have a general idea of how much to put in them, and I sleep late.

But when the weather turns cold, I do enjoy baking. One of the things I love to make are quick breads. Just as the name implies, these type of breads are fast and easy to bake. Because you don’t have to let them rise, quick breads are nearly fool-proof. To me, that is a big plus!

Just recently, I was the lucky recipient of two red KitchenAid silicone loaf pans and I have been wanting to use them ever since.  Today, I got my chance and made some zucchini bread.

I usually bake at least 2 loaves and store them in the refrigerator. They keep well and tastes great served either cold or heated in the microwave. When warmed up, I do like to spread butter or cream cheese to make it even more rich.

Some recipes call for nuts, such as walnuts, to be added. Although I love walnuts, I prefer to leave them out.


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