some thing i am grapeful about…

It is like a match made in heaven. Combining the sweet flavor of grapes with crisp apples gave birth to the Grāpple.

Pronounced “grape-L”, the Grāpple is made from either a Washington Extra Fancy Gala or a Fuji apple infused with Concord grape juice. This patent-pending infusion process involves immersing the apples for several days in a “marinade” which transforms their flavor to that of a Concord grape. It is yummy…

Containing only 80 calories/16 g sugar/5 g fiber for a 5.5 oz/medium sized apple, it has the same nutritional content of the unflavored variety.

Made in Wenatchee, WA, the apple capital of the United States,  Grāpples are available in most local markets and grocers.


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