all the leaves are brown…

…and gold, crimson, and mauve. And yes, the skies are gray. This could mean only one thing—fall is here.

I love this time of year. Days are getting shorter while nights are growing longer. The air is crisp and is filled with the glorious smell of burning wood.

I have always used this time to reflect on the past year. A chance to contemplate and plan for the upcoming year. It is the peaceful calm before the rush of the holiday storm.

These photos were taken around my neighborhood. In just a few weeks, many of these trees will lose their foliage as the cover of frost take over.

Although the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have four distinct seasons, the changing hues of autumn is a breathtaking display of nature’s beauty.I am fortunate enough to live in this part of the country were I can enjoy this magnificent sight.

My California dreamin’ can wait just a little longer…


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