in an absolut world…

The Absolut 100 was introduced last year and as the name suggests, it’s 100 proof.

I’ve always enjoyed the many different varieties of Absoluts and this one’s no exception. The bottle design is a departure from their usual form. This one’s got a glossy black bottle with metallic silver lettering. I love it.

Not only does it look great, it tastes even better. After just a sip, one will recognize the quintessential smooth taste you expect from Absolut, but with a slight edge. Think of it this way, it’s like running into your very hot ex and noticing she’s sporting a couple of strategically-placed sexy tattoos. You get the idea…

I got this particular bottle at the duty-free store at the Canadian border a few months ago. They always have awesome deals and this was no exception. A 1-liter bottle cost me only $19.99 CAD and came with a disco ball container. Score!

One of the drinks I like to make with the 100 is the Absolut Pure Black: poured over ice, then topped with tonic water and garnished with a lime peel. It’s simple, refreshing and tasty.

I wanted to try something new and I scoured the internet for a recipe. One in particular caught my attention—The Formula 150. Created in honor of rapper 50 Cent,  it’s made with the 100 and Formula 50. In collaboration with Vitamin Water, the grape-flavored drink provides 50% of daily vitamins. And at 125 calories and 33g of sugar for a 20-oz. bottle, it’s not as healthy as one might presume.

This concoction was apparently served at last year’s Video Music Awards, which was conveniently sponsored by Absolut AND Glacéau (which is actually owned by the humongous Coca-Cola Company), the makers of Vitamin Water. Now you see the connection.

Thinking a drink served at the VMA must be good, it’s gotta be good enough for me. With this reasoning, I went out and bought a couple of bottles of Formula 50 and set out to make the drink.

Let me tell you this: it was CRAP! Yes, it sucked. I double-checked the recipe and after confirming I had followed it exactly, I accepted the fact that this drink has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The grape flavor tasted like watered-down Kool-Aid and did nothing but ruin the smooth taste of the vodka.

What an Absolut..waste…


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