i can’t believe it’s got butter…

I admit it—I’m a gadget freak. A marketer’s dream, I buy most of these gadgets on an impulse. I just have to have them. And you’ll find a lot of ’em in my kitchen.

Stores like Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, and That Kitchen Shop are just a few places I personally help finance. I also love going to restaurant supply stores to load up on commercial-type items, such as serving platters and huge mixing bowls.

When I needed butter the other day, I realized my fondness for kitchen gadgetry may have gotten out of hand (see my previous post on rubber duckies to fully understand.) Most folks use a butter dish and are satisfied with that. Since I am not like most folks, I actually don’t own a single one. Instead, I have three different containers to keep my butter.

Butter is just one of those things that I will always have in my refrigerator. Along with ketchup, mustard, and mayo, I will run out of everything else before these four items dwindle. Margarine just don’t cut it…

With my butter, as with most things in my life, I am very particular. For cooking and baking, I only use the unsalted type. And for crusty French bread or dinner rolls, I go for the salted, European-style.

Unsalted butter is just that—no added salt. Acting as a preservative, salt prolongs the butter’s shelf-life. With recipes that call for butter, I can control how much salt goes in by not using the salted variety.

European-style butter is creamier and richer than conventional butters. This is achieved by the addition of 2% more butterfat and is churned much slower to create a butter that has a lower-moisture and a creamier texture. Plugra is a brand that I commonly use and is readily available in most supermarkets. For baking cookies, especially snickerdoodles, I prefer the unsalted European-style.

Check them out:

Butter Bell: creates an airtight seal and keeps room temperature butter ready for up to thirty days. Click HERE to see how it works.

Butter Boy: perfect for buttering corn-on-a-cob. The grooved top makes spreading easy!

Butter Mate: stores, measures, AND dispenses, oh my! A sliding notch on top measures out and a wire cutter (similar to cheese cutters) slices for you.

As you can see, all three are dedicated to performing a specific function designed to making life a lot easier—my life. I may not use them on a daily basis, but I’m glad they’re there. How I ever managed without them is still a mystery. I shudder to think…


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