time after time…

I met Ian in 1989, shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake. He and I worked together for a fine paper distributor in Dublin, CA. Having a very dry sense of humor, coupled with silly sexual puns and disturbingly corny jokes, we are so much alike.

On my very first day at work, Ian noticed my backpack had an Australian flag sewn on it. Sounding like Crocodile Dundee with a speech impediment, he barked out “G’day, mate!” We’ve been friends ever since.

As an impressionable youth (OK, I was 21), Ian had a positive impact on me. Many of my quirky habits can be directly attributed to him. One of the things he shared with me was the 11:11 on a digital clock.

He said the numbers resembled lines of cocaine. Essentially, one would do 4 lines of coke at 11:11, in the A.M. and in the P.M. Although we never actually put this into practice, we would always call out the time whenever it came up.

This past year, I’m not sure why, I seem to be noticing the 11:11 even more so than before. I would glance at the clock and there it is! 11:11. These appear to happen randomly and regardless of what I was doing—driving, at meetings, trainings, I see that damn 11:11. And every time I see it, I would call Ian. Still.

Sometimes, upon seeing it, I would point and scream in disbelief. No, not like a little girl, but rather a manly screech. People who have witnessed me can attest to the fact that it was one of the strangest things they’ve seen me do. And I’ve done a lot of strange things…

Today, while cooking at an event, I set the oven timer for 15 minutes. Guess what? When the timer went off, I looked at the clock and right there in front of me was 11:11 AM. Freaky! Fortunately, I was able to take a photo.

Here are a couple of photos (from two separate days) I recently took which better shows this strange “phenomenon.” I still can’t explain it.

Cue The Twilight Zone theme…

My cell, taken September 26, 2008.

Update 23 Sep 08: I’ve received a couple of messages from others that have also experienced this strange phenomenon. I never thought anyone else (besides Ian and I) saw the 11:11. Turns out even famed pyschic Uri Geller has his own theories regarding this subject. You can read it here: The 11:11 Phenomenon.

I’m not sure if I believe any of what Mr. Geller has to say, but I do find it mildly interesting. Plus, I’m put in the same group of crazy people that sees things that no one else sees. That’s me to a “T”.


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