full steam ahead…

Most men love gadgets and toys. And shiny and blinking objects. I’m no exception.

My new favorite gadget is the Viking Combi Steam/Convect Oven. I don’t own one yet, but if I had room, I would most likely have two. It’s that cool!

I’m fortunate enough that I get to play with it for work. In fact, I will be cooking with it tomorrow–dumplings, egg rolls, and such. Just as its name implies, it’s a combination steam AND convection oven. There are similar products out in the market, but none comes close to the versatility this one affords.

You can steam frozen dumplings in just 11 minutes. Cookies come out chewey in under 15 minutes. Last week I had cheesecake that was moist. In 5 minutes, I had shrimp that was far from being rubbery. How about a loaf of bread that is both crusty in the outside AND flaky in the inside? You betcha!

It produces a pressurized steam at a constant 210°F, which is optimal for cooking. It also a heating element around a fan that circulates hot air for a true convection cooking. You can use steam, convection, and a combination of either to cook pretty much anything from steamed vegetables, to cookies, to roast chickens.

On future installments, I will be posting photos of stuff that I prepared using this awesome oven. In the meantime, enjoy this pic of me posing next to one. And I do mean “posing”…


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